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Waterless Living - Just add water.

What would one way to reduce energy useage?  What one thing does almost every household and building in the US have piped right into it?

You guessed it water!  But look at one of the major ingredients of the things we use at home.  Water.  Here are a few examples

1. Liquid soap - what is wrong with soap bars?
2. Laundry detergent - what is wrong with powder.  But it clumps!!  So dilute it in a cup before adding it to the washing machine.
3.  Cleaner - why not buy concentrated cleaner at the hardware store?
4.  Orange juice - why not just buy frozen concentrated orange juice - read the label on the juice carton - it says made from concentrate!

Here are a few examples of items in which we add water at home.

1.  Coffee
2.  Oatmeal
3.  Pancake mix
4.  Concrete
5.  Frozen Orange Juice

Think about it.  How much space does water take up in all these items we buy.  Space in the factories that package them, space in the trucks that transport them, space in the stores that sell them, space in the boxes and containers to package them, space in your car to transport them home, space in the plastic bags you need to carry them, space in your fridge to cool or store them, space in the garbage to throw out the containers, space in the landfills for the containers.   I thin you get the point.

Let's "concentrate" and get to the point with water.  We can just add water at home. 

Posted by enviroNow.com on Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 20:21 Comments (0)

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