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Death, Taxes and Landfills

As I was walking around the mall, I looked at all the clothes, gadgets, toys, books and stuff that fill all the stores.  I thought to myself whether this stuff sells or not eventually it will all end up in a landfill even if it is recycled and reused.  Kind of like Death and Taxes.  They are unavoidable.

To make matters worse, you know that soon the next season of clothes, outdoor gear, toys for the next movie and latest gadget will replace the stuff on the shelves now.  Guaranteed garbage.

Now imagine the mall full of stuff in a landfill.  Now do this at minimum four times per year.  Now imagine all the malls and stores.

All this waste does not even include all the packaging, hangers and shopping bags.  It does not even include all the energy expended to get the products to the stores, or the energy required to make the products.

It is amazing that we actually pay so little for everything.  The reason is that in the Price = Cost + Profit equation the cost of the products and transportation in dollar terms.  What is missing is what economists call the diseconomies.  If we added this to the equation, maybe we would not demand and want so much stuff.  More on this later.

Scary isn't it.  Reduce.

Posted by Environow.com on Saturday, April 5, 2008 at 13:19 Comments (0)

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